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1967 Shelby Gt500

General Description: The 1967 Shelby endorsed by the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" may be the most sought after Shelby of all time. This original 1967 Shelby GT 500 has upgraded black and gold pearl fleck paint and a modified 427 cubic inch engine. Factory options include air conditioning and a fold down rear seat.

Exterior: This car has black paint with gold flecks and gold Shelby GT 500 striping. It has the original style "10 spoke" wheels. It has an excellent overall appearance.

Interior: The black interior is restored to factory original. This car has the very rare factory installed air conditioning.

Drivetrain: The drive train is a Ford 427 cubic inch engine stroked with a 428 crank to produce 454 cubic inches of power (over 500 hp). It has the factory dual four barrel intake system and a 4 speed transmission with a 9" rear end. The engine has headers and produces a stronger than factory exhaust sound.

Suggested uses: This car may be used in still shots using either the interior or the exterior of the car. This car may also be used in motion shots. It is fully drivable with consideration it is a four speed manual car. It has suitable authenticity for 1967 or earlier show or period re-creation. The paint job is an upgrade from the original. This car is on the cover of Issue 1 of Citizen K Homme and Sport Magazine (see below), a French Fashion Magazine with Carlos Condit as the cover model.

Inventory No. 67Slby-blk

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