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1967 Cobra Replica

General description: This is a 1967 Cobra replica patterned after the Ford Racing Cobras of the 1960's.

Exterior: The exterior is a red gel coat with Wimbledon White racing stripes. It has Boyd Coddington 17" wheels and Nitto tires at this time, but it is also available with Weld racing wheels and a drag style narrow front tire and steet legal drag slicks.

Interior: This Cobra has a clean interior with tan vinyl bucket seats, a 5 point racing harness, and chrome rollbars.

Drivetrain: This car is powered by a Ford 460 cubic inch engine with aluminum heads and a 1050 Dominator carburetor. The engine is estimated to make 700+ hp. Power is fed through a highly modified, three speed automatic transmission and a Ford nine inch rear end.

Suggested uses: This car may be used for photo opportunities, such as still shots using the interior or the exterior of the car or moving vehicle shots. The exterior, engine, and interior of this car are suitable for close-ups. This side exhaust is loud and could provide an excellent sound track. This car may be driven to your site or transported on our enclosed or our open trailer.

Inventory No. 67Cbra-red

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