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1966 Fairlane 390 Gta

General Description: This is a 1966 Ford Fairlane 2 door hardtop. In 1966, when this car was optioned with the high performance 390 cubic inch engine and automatic transmission, it was tagged GTA and was Ford's entry as a mid-size muscle car. This '66 Fairlane GTA was acquired from the original owner. I had to have this car because it is a twin to the car I drove while dating my first love in high school who is my wife of 35+ years.

Exterior: This car has Wimbledon White paint and the original factory magnum style wheels.

Interior: The interior is red vinyl with bucket seats and with the rare factory air conditioning.

Drivetrain: This car is powered by a 390 cubic inch high performance engine with a single 4 barrel carburetor and automatic transmission. In 1966 Ford rated this engine at 335 hp.

Suggested uses: This car may be used in photo opportunity still shots using the interior or the exterior of the car. It is also available for moving vehicle shots (requires a couple of days notice). It has suitable authenticity for '60's style shows or period re-creation. The car may be driven to your site or transported on our enclosed or our open trailer.

Inventory No. 66Frln-wht

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