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1948 Ford F1 Pickup

General Description: This is a 1948 Ford F1 pickup. 1948 was the first year for Ford's F series trucks -- the series continues today. This truck has been fully restored to original condition.

Exterior: This truck is Meadow Green with original Ford wheels and wheel covers and an oak bed.

Interior: The interior is restored with original style brown bench seat.

Drivetrain: This truck has a flathead Ford V-8 with 4 speed transmission. The 4 speed was an option in 1948.

Suggested uses: Suggested uses include photo opportunities such as still shots using exterior or interior of the truck or moving vehicle shots. Suitable authenticity for late 40's style shows or period re-creation. This truck can be driven to site or transported on our enclosed or our open trailer.

Inventory No. 48Trck-grn

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