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1940 Ford Two Door Coupe

General description: This is a 1940 Ford 2 door coupe restored as an original. Overall this car is clean and drives well.

Exterior: The older laquer is a very presentable original 1940 color Yosemite Green. The chrome is very nice.

Interior: The interior of this car is excellent. It has a LeBaron Bonney cloth interior. It is a two door coupe as original with front seat only and a back shelf.

Drivetrain: An original 221 cubic inch 85 horsepower Ford flathead V8 powers this car. 1940 was the first year for the column shift 3 speed transmission..

Suggested uses: Suggested uses include photo opportunities such as still shots using exterior or interior of the car or moving vehicle shots. The car may be driven to your site or transported on either our enclosed or our open trailer. This car was featured in the car wash scene of the WGN series "Manhattan".

Inventory No. 40Coup-grn

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